Do you feel that others recieve more undeserved benefits?

Do you feel that others recieve more undeserved benefits?

I will tell you the secrets of successful people. It is not about vision, perseverance or a good idea, although they are also important. It’s an understanding that life and therefore business is not fair. Whoever can receive and gain benefits wins. Most people don't know it or don't want to know. You can stand out from the crowd and change your view of business and attitudes.

Here is an interesting story: There was one capable electronic engineer. And also one capable businessman and visionary. But if Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs hadn't met, today's Apple competitors would have one less concern. Isn't such an advantage unfair?

Of course it is. The benefits (even in the form of "coincidences") are simply not for everyone. They can benefit mainly those who are ready and in the right mood. The old approach to business says that everyone should have a same starting line. The new approach says: you are offered an advantage, take it.

If you enjoy listening to the sheep herd, such benefits may seem insignificant to you. But if you are a smart fox, you feel the opportunity right now.

But sometimes reaching for an advantage, if someone pushes it under your nose, is definitely not enough. It is a state of thought. You need to view your business as a constant, everyday advantage. Like an attitude that doesn't change. As a way of thinking . Learn to not only receive benefits, but also evoke them. You need:

  • meet the benefits every day
  • look for them, so they cover all your activities
  • make sure the benefits grow

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